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Monday, February 14, 2011


Wherever you choose to make your home, it is wise to make it as tranquil, relaxing or as comfortable as possible. Did you ever question why music, moving water and live plants have such a powerful effect on people?
My stronger interests are in plants and flowers. Select a design idea that complements your personality and I assure you that the choices of your selection will be unlimitled. Here are some suggestions:
Never hesitate to treat yourself to the many museums, botanical gardens, estate gardens and tropical gardens that are available worldwide.

  1. Find a heavy weight jar of between 16 and 20 ounces, having about a 3 inch opening.
  2. Clear glass, or possibly opaque, is preferable.
  3. Use bright colored stones of any chosen color to provide some sort of accent.
  4. Cut about 6 - 10 inch stems from Phothos, Arrowhead, Wandering Jew or Philodendron  plant. Remove the leaves from the bottom 6 inches.
  5. Place these stems into the jar and fill with water up about one third of the way. Water should be cool (almost warm).
Any of these plants should grow and survive for about 2 years. Change water every three weeks, or whenever water becomes cloudy.

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